Knights of the Old Republic: Turncoat's Shadow

Forad's Thoughts

I’m unconscious in a kolta tank.

Master always said that I would most likly spend a great amount of time in these should I ever leave the academy.

Why did I rush in like that? No I know the answer to that.

She was performing some strange ritual on Kal and I had to stop it. I failed though.

Wryme has a history with her, but I dare not ask. I can’t let him confront her.

Master never trained me to combat those that would use the force in such a way. I must be ready next time.

I can still feel how the power burned at me. It was so strong…no!

That is the easy path that only leads to destruction. I must stand against that power.

I have been though, and I only end up in these tanks because of it. Why should I keep…

They are rejoicing and this sensation through the force. I shall confront Master Raka when we meet.



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