Knights of the Old Republic: Turncoat's Shadow


Pretty much my life currently.
I would never have expected to be in the company of such a crew as this. Wryme seems the only one with a battle lust like mine; Everyone else seems to seek other avenues of passage, however I feel Wryme takes it too far. So I’m weighed with one extreme to the other.
Since becoming a bounty hunter I have honored the code, but my Mandalorian blood still flows strong in my veins. I still wish to go forth with my brothers and take what we deserve. For being strong, and true, and… I’m at war with myself sometimes. I don’t think I can ever reach peace like that Jedi Forad.
Jedi… Such a deep term. There is much knowledge there, this much I know. And even with all that I don’t, our goals somehow always revolve around it. It almost seems all of life revolves around it at this point. “The Force,” they call it. It’s creepy.
With all of my training and practice, I try to develop a tactic to apply to all situations. But I always have to change, become better, stronger, more hardened to the facts of this life. These are dark days indeed. Many battles to be fought and won…
Much glory to be had and shared.

As it is, Abi and I have something. Not sure what. I haven’t had a relationship in…. A very long time. Not sure If I can manage it.
We just landed on the Zabrak homeworld. Totally desolate, covered in roaming bands of thieves just trying to live. We have been sent with supplies to take care of a General we now know to be dead, so we have a decision to make. Possibly the hardest so far. I feel we should meet with all the other clans in order to see who’s in the most need… One of them is a clan of Mandalorians… I hate charity work because of shit like this.

On a brighter note, my armory has since been increasing in size. I now own an Arcadian heavy pistol. And I’ve finally found something I had since lost. Armor. It is not mine, nor is it the best. But it does its work well and it was won in battle, as it should be. I still seek my true armor, but that seems like it will take some time. And I shall wait.

End Transmission.


Definitely some serious thinking going on in Kindo’s head.


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