Knights of the Old Republic: Turncoat's Shadow

New gun

So I have apparently been made pilot of our newly “acquired” ship Obsidian Osprey. Found a new gun in one of the supply crates. A pristine condition blaster carbine with autofire capabilities. Very nice.
Current opinion of new crew mates: Abi does magic with a toolkit, quick tempered but likable nonetheless.
Wryme is a sketchy individual. Claiming title of Jedi, yet playing with the rules of light and dark like they’re flexible to his will. Definitely don’t want to be found on the far end of that saber.
Siri seems to have her own agenda, despite a common goal. Makes her a difficult partner, but she gets the job done either way.
Finally, Forad, AKA Beacon of all that is righteous…. He makes me feel awkward, like whenever I walk into a church. Something about my job as a bounty hunter conflicting with the guilt that he makes EVERYONE FEEL ABOUT EVERYTHING. He’s just got a “Holier than thou” mentality that drives me crazy. Oh well. He’s effective in and out of battle so as far as that goes I have no complaints.
Not sure what our next step is. I’m just pulling creds and trying to get on as best I can. Maybe I can find some armor sooner or later.
Transmission End.



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