Knights of the Old Republic: Turncoat's Shadow

Wryme: Persona

Why did I take it? I don’t care about Mandalorians, or their symbols, only what I can learn from them. I have been learning a great deal from Kindo, at least. How he moves in his armor, his brazen approach to the fight. His techniques meld well with my own, and our aggression has carried us through fight after fight. Enemies continue to be surprised at the crew’s ferocity.

The Mandos consider their armor a second skin. The face plate or helmet, then, is their face. Is that their true face, the one they wear into battle? Do they consider themselves to be different people on and off the battlefield? This one’s face of war was white. Except for the visor, it is just like my old mask, a rounded white plane of anonymity. Maybe that’s why I took it.

It does remind me of my first kill. I was 14, maybe younger. Collapsed some Senator’s lungs with a combination of snap-punches. Took the schutta underneath him a few seconds to realize the man was suffocating and not just finishing, but I was gone. I was scared, but I felt empowered. I took that mask off a long time ago. Now I wear a new one, lying to these people who seem to trust me. I’m not even sure what I look like under this one, myself.



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