Knights of the Old Republic: Turncoat's Shadow

Siri's Personal Log

It’s been a few days since we left Iridonia. I’m not usually one for moral causes and doing good deeds just for the hell of it but I actually enjoyed helping that Zabrak community. Maybe I’m just biased because I’m the same species but it all turned out well for everyone. The people—especially the children)—got the aid and peace that they desperately needed, and we got credits and drinks in the end. Mission accomplished. As a side note, the Zabrak leader Rulio Otwyr seems interested in seeing me again. I may be back there sometime.

While in Iridonia we picked up another teammate. A human by the name of Orus Calad. I think he’s a noble of some kind, and seems like an alright guy, although a bit guarded. I don’t know too much about him yet but I’m sure we’ll get better acquainted during our travels.

Currently, we’re on en route to the Bothan Homeworld Bothawui to get Kal some medical attention. I don’t know what’s wrong with him but the sooner we get to Bothawui, the better. Crazy thing happened with him yesterday. Mosde and I were on our eighth straight game of dejarik aboard the Osprey when Abi runs past us in her skivvies. Nothing I haven’t seen before but she looked pretty upset, and we heard a loud skirmish in the med bay. Kal had woken up and starting attacking everyone he saw, including Emdee-Twenty. We finally managed to subdue him, and he is currently restrained and under guard. Mosde wanted to kill him and I’m not completely opposed to blowing him out the airlock to ensure the safety of my crew but Pafor is very adamant about delivering Kal home safely. I just really don’t want any more fights aboard my ship. With any luck we’ll make it to Bothawui without further incident.



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