Knights of the Old Republic: Turncoat's Shadow

Thaal and Niko

So Viggo’s got me flying around with Thaal Roan of all people, looking for that Zabrak girl and her crew so he can save his own face. I don’t see what the big deal is, really—Viggo loses ships all the time. It’s not worth the price he put on that girl’s spiny head, if you ask me. And it’s certainly not worth sending me out alongside this snout-clog of a partner.

I mean, seriously—we’re thirteen hours out of Hutt space already, and I swear I’ve never been so bored. I’ve been on long space trips before—that flight from Rodia to Taris, for example. Now that was a stretch. But at least there were some interesting characters on that transport, some even willing to lose a few pazaak hands to me, or share a couple of good hunting stories…but this guy? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. So I couldn’t take it anymore. Just a bit ago I gave it my best to get Thaal to open up. It went something like this:

“Hey, Thaal, since we’re headed to Ryloth anyway, we should take in some of the local entertainment. I know this place by the Floating Rock Gardens, lovely dancers…those Twi’leks really know how to move…don’t they?”


“Yeah, they could show the Rodian girls a few thing or two. I don’t know, I’ve never looked outside my own species myself, eyes are too small for my liking. But Rodian girls can be really pushy sometimes. Ever know a woman like that, Thaal?”


“Kinda like this Iridonian we’re looking for. I know she’s our bounty and all, but you know what, she’s kinda cute as long as you don’t look at her face. We know where they’re going, and since we had that droid bumble up the ship’s systems, we also know they won’t be going anywhere for a while…so I figured we might have time to kill…you know, maybe take in a swoop race, some juma juice, throw a couple credits at some slave girls, you know…maybe enjoy ourselves a little?”


“Oh come on, Thaal, would it kill you to say something?”

Thaal: “No. Now shut up and fly.”

See what I have to work with, here? Can’t wait until this job is over.



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