Kal Breil'Fey

Quick-witted, jocular Bothan Padawan, specialized in finding people and things.


Male Bothan Jedi 4

STR 12 FORT 15 HP 48
CON 10 REF 18 Damage Threshold 15
DEX 16 WILL 20
INT 14
WIS 16
CHA 12

Racial Traits Iron Will, Skill Focus – Gather Information

Skills Use the Force 10, Acrobatics 10, Perception 10, Gather Information 12, Knowledge – Galactic Lore 9, Stealth 10

Feats Skill Training – Gather Information, Force Sensitivity, Weapon Proficiency (Lightsaber, simple weapons), Skill Training – Stealth, Weapon Finesse (lightsaber), Rapid Strike

Talents – Sentinel Strike, Clear Mind

Attack Kal’s Lightfoil (aqua) +7 attack, 2d8 +2 damage. Critical: x2, -1 to condition track. Kal’s lightfoil also has a stun setting, dealing 2d6 stun damage on a hit.

Other Gear Jedi robes, stealth field generator


Anyone who knows or has known Kal in the past usually has a hard time believing he’s a Jedi. He is genuinely lighthearted and humorous, though sometimes he’s been known to call someone out just to gauge their reaction. Despite his garrulous nature, though, Kal is a formidable fighter for a Padawan, and has the fascination and talent for secrets and subterfuge common among his people. He is the youngest of seven children, from an affluent and influential family on Bothawui, but stays away from them for the most part, and gets quiet when asked about it. Kal also has a habit for coming and going as he pleases, and once he’s gone, finding him is seldom easy.

Kal Breil'Fey

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