Kindo Sipal

Mandalorian Ex-Marine


Carbonite Rifle


Kindo was once a praised warrior during the Mandalorian Wars, known for his jetpack expertise and exceptional armor quality. After the conflict ended, Kindo was out of work. He began wandering the stars, seeking purpose by way of gambling, fighting, and women.
In his misguided quest, he lost everything that matters to a Mandalorian; his money, his status, and worst of all… his Armor.
Managing to save away enough money to get to Nar Shaddaa; a planet Kindo was certain would be a fine place to begin his new business: Hunting.
Having become a mercenary with a track record of most live captures in the sector, Kindo and his trusty Carbonite Rifle “Frigid” still have a ways to go, because sometimes bad habits die hard…

3085957 gal

Kindo Sipal

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