Abi Gatto's personal assistance droid.


Small Hovering Astromech Droid
Scout 6

STR 8 DEX 18 INT 16 WIS 14 CHA 10

Speed 6 (hover)

HP 50
Damage Threshold 16

REF 22

Trained Skills
Mechanics 11, Endurance 7, Knowledge: Tech 11, Knowledge: Life Science 11, Knowledge: Phys. Science 11, Survival 10, Stealth 12

Weapon Prof. (Pistol, Rifle, Simple), Tech Specialist, Dodge, Rapid Shot, Toughness, Point Blank Shot


Acute Senses Reroll any Perception check, keep reroll.

Improved Initiative Reroll any Initiative check, keep reroll.

Hot Wire Use Mechanics in place of Use Computer checks.

Personalized Modifications 1/encounter, standard action. Grant 1 attack/2 damage with energy weapon wielded until end of encounter.

Droid Features internal comlink, 2 hand appendages, heuristic processor, diagnostics package, droid caller, restraining bolt, 5kg compartment space, shield generator (SR 10), vocabulator

Attack Heavy Blaster: +8 attack, 3d8 + 3 energy damage. (2d8 stun)


MD-20 (“Emdee”) is Abi Gatto’s first successful attempt in droid construction (out of twenty). She mostly uses him as an extra pair of hands to help her get more done around her shop. He’s not really much to look at or talk to, but he is competent and loyal, valuable traits in a companion on the Smuggler’s Moon. His functionality has much room for improvement, which Abi keeps insisting she’ll get to when she finds a little extra time.

Abi has recently fitted Emdee with a second hand appendage as well as a vocabultor. He’s still learning how to speak effectively and often makes a number of syntax mistakes. He also has trouble referring to himself in the first person, often saying “Unit” instead of his “name.”


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