A Rodian enforcer for the exchange


Male Rodian Scout 4

HP 40 Damage Threshold 16
STR 12 Speed 8
DEX 16
CON 13
INT 15
WIS 11

FORT – 16 REF – 19 WILL – 14

Att. +7 Heavy Sonic Rifle 3d8 +2 sonic or Vibrodagger +4 2d4 +2 slashing

Racial Traits Heightened Awareness (roll Perception 2x), Low-light vision, Skill Focus – Survival

Trained Skills Endurance, Initiative, Pilot, Survival, Mechanics, Perception, Stealth

Feats Shake it Off, WP (Blasters, Pistols, Simple), Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot, Careful Shot, Dodge

Talents Long Stride, Evasion


Niko is ruthless, crude, and audacious, even for a Rodian. He likes being in charge and is not one for compromise, though he loves a good bargain and can never a resist a wager. In fact, it was an unfortunate streak at the pazaak table that landed him on Nar Shaddaa in the first place. He’s only a few months away from finally paying off his debt to a certain Exchange kingpin, and then, any and all who have ever crossed him will get their comeuppance. If he has it his way, that is.

Niko’s bad luck came back to bite him on Ryloth, where he was ultimately brought down by Forad Pafor and turned in to Republic custody.


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