Orus Calad


Human Noble 6

STR 11
CON 12
DEX 17
INT 13
WIS 10
CHA 16

HP 39 Damage Threshold 17

Fort 17
Ref 20
Will 18

Speed 6
Base Attack +4
Melee Vibro-ax +7 2d10 +3 physical damage
Ranged Heavy Blaster +7 3d8 +3 energy damage (2d8 stun)

Trained Skills

Persuasion 11, Deception 16, Knolwedge: Beauraucracy 9, Knowledge: Tech 9, Initiative 11, Gather Info 11, Pilot 11, Use Computer 9

Feats Weapon Prof. (Simple, Blasters, Adv. Melee), Linguist, Skill Focus (Deception), Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Quick Draw


Born Leader – 1/encounter, swift action. +1 insight to attack rolls to all in line of sight until end of encounter.

Distant Command – Allies gain born leader bonus even if out of line of sight.

Rally – 1/encounter, swift action. All allies in line of sight at half HP gain +2 Reflex and +2 damage until end of encounter.


Orus Calad

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