Knights of the Old Republic: Turncoat's Shadow

Chapter 1 - The Chimera Conundrum

Siri is a Zabrak refugee currently in the employ of a tempermental Hutt named Viggo. Her jobs are various and multifaceted, but mostly involve sneaking around, finding things out, and using people for their information. She’s naturally suited to this and does well for the Hutt, letting him and his people in on the bigger shipments of the more marketable merchandise when it comes in so they can beat the Exchange to the punch. With her help, Viggo has regained control of more than half the territory on Nar Shaddaa he had lost since the Exchange’s arrival here. But now he has a bigger job for Siri, one with much greater chance for profit…and risk.

A freighter ship named Chimera II is en route to Nar Shaddaa, carrying an ample amount of weaponry, spice and medical supplies for the Exchange to sell on the moon’s open market. Thanks to Goto’s meticulous blockade over Hutt ships, Viggo’s been losing plenty in import and export revenue and has decided enough is enough and that time has come to hit them on the ground. He charges Siri with assembling a team for the seizure of Chimera II and all the property therein, then change its transponder codes so it can get off-world without alerting Goto. In the midst of this meeting, a new slave girl serves Siri a drink, slipping her a chip for a droid memory core in the process.

Siri takes the core to friend and sometimes colleague Abi Gatto for aid in figuring out just what was on this memory core. She apparently shows up just in time, cutting short a rather rude visit by a trio of angry Duros frustrated with their broken swoop bike. Using her own droid as a guinea pig, Abi installs the core and stumbles a laundry list of schematics and star maps, outlining a series of hyperspace routes to different worlds. The core also triggers a holo-message from the slave girl, who identifies herself as Tara Berial, a Republic operative who came to Nar Shaddaa in search of Jedi Knight Raka Mond His last communication led her here. She followed Viggo a little too close and got herself caught, and the Republic has disavowed any knowledge of her mission. Albeit puzzled by their chance discovery, the two women set the complication aside and head to the seediest sections of the Corellian sector. Their objective: some cheap muscle labor.

Meanwhile, Forad Pafor arrives on the surface of the Smuggler’s Moon, hot on the trail of his master Raka. A lead given to him by the Bothan Jedi Kal Breil’Fey, shows him evidence that their old master, who followed Revan and advocated his cause, now suspects he’s made a terrible misjudgment, and that the galaxy may pay dearly for it. With only blind faith on his side, Forad’s feelings draw him to a strange presence in a cantina called the Orange Lady, the same cantina where Abi and Siri have gone looking for hired guns. That strange presence is Wryme Mosde, another Revanchist Jedi seeking solace from the brutality of the last five years, his spirit so broken, he is contemplating setting his lightsaber aside for good.

The girls don’t have to wait long for the brutes to start proving themselves, as a young hot-headed Mandalorian named Kindo Sipal gets in over his head in a three-way Pazaak match with Mosde and a slobbery Rodian, Nikko. Mosde does his best to discourage the warrior from frittering his credits away as Nikko is clearly cheating, but the boy can’t keep his mouth shut. Accusations and blaster bolts fly until a few Exchange enforcement droids come in to shut the party down and throw them in force cages to be dealt with in time for disruption of “business.”

Kal shows up and arranges for the release of these unfortunate five, though originally he only came for Forad to pass on a report of a Republic shuttle discovered in the depths of the Duros sector. Siri guides them all to a safehouse of hers where she can finally discuss her plan and arrange her heist—that is until they are interrupted again by a pack of bounty hunters lead by a seemingly mad Kel Dor. Kal Breil’Fey disappears in the melee, and Forad is left to join Siri on her misdeed in order for her assistance into accessing the lower city.

The heist goes off like clockwork. Abi slices the docking pylon database, both scrambling the flight logs and temporarily disabling the security systems…though she did accidentally cut fall power to the docking district for a few seconds in the process, she takes credit for planning to save her reputation. The lone Droideka sentry is taken out easily by Kindo and Wryme, and despite a hitch or two, Siri’s crew is successful. A search of the stragglers turns up a datapad in which the details of Wryme’s bounty are drawn up by Viggo himself.

What will Siri and company decide to do with their new acquisition? Why does Viggo have a bounty on a Jedi who arrived on the moon only hours earlier? What will the Exchange do in order to regain their property? And what does Tara know about Raka Mond and Revan’s disappearance?

Wryme's Datapad Entry 1.a

Took the time to procure a used datapad with my winnings. It’s a little beat up, but it has character, and it matches the armor. It’ll do. Won’t go into most of the day’s events. Can’t risk capture and fail to destroy this thing. Acquired a ship with the help of some new friends, though. I’m not sure how a rutian twi’lek and a zabrak with curves for miles aren’t decorating some Hutt’s audience chamber on a corrupt dustball like this. But, then, they’re capable enough that many slavers have probably tried, and promptly regretted it. We’re joined by a Mandalorian, of all things, an odd one with a non-lethal weapon. The miraluka kid might be a problem. Might as well commission him one of Nar Shadaa’s skragging neon signs and have it read “Jedi.” Handy in a fight, though. Don’t think Kindo could have handled an assault droid alone for much longer. Anyway, Siri had a hologram of a spitting image of her, lighter hair her only disguise. She’s gotten sloppy, and she’s here. She won’t get away this time.

Forad's Holocron Journal

Master Raka always said it is best to record your thoughts to insure that you have a clear mind. I have picked up a trail of my master thanks to a friend that has led me to Nar Shaddaa. After I arrived I felt a strong pull from the force leading me to a cantina. This is where I met some interesting allies. A young Twi’lek named Abi with a sharp tongue that is skilled with machines and prefers to stay in the shadows. A Zabrak named Siri that has a great interest in credits and prefers to avoid hostilities when she can. A fellow Jedi by the name of Wryme that I fear is troubled by an event in his past, I can sense a scar on him that I don’t think even he is aware of. Lastly a Mandalorian that seems to have great skill at making enemies wherever he goes.

After acquiring a ship, one of Kindo’s enemies approached us in an attempt to reroute our destination and possibly harm us as well. Kindo kept the ship on coarse while Abi maintained and repaired the ship and Siri used the ships weapons. Wryme and I exited the ship in order to dissuade our would be attackers. Master always said that if you deal with the leader of a group directly then the rest will follow his lead. So I leapt from the Chimera on to the rodian’s speeder bike, and provided him a valid reason not to continue with his current actions. Once the last of the attackers were dealt with I returned back to the Chimera in order to meditate on the situation.

In order to get past the Hutt’s security the group has decided to shackle Wryme so that they will believe him to be our prisoner. I am not sure if I feel comfortable placing a fellow jedi in chains, it leaves a disturbing sense in my mind. It did not take long for the situation to go from entertainment to combat as after Wryme was taken from our custody he was soon put to the test to prove he was a jedi. Placed within a pit he was being forced to fight cathounds, and the droid of Abi’s quickly deployed his lightsaber to him. In almost the same instant a loud explosion went off and I felt the confusion of the group surrounding the Hutt and his prisoner. Quickly I acted and freed the prisoner as my new allies dealt with those that had not been effected by the explosion. When the effects of the explosion wore off I made it a point to ensure Viggo the hutt would not offer any more resistance. Wryme giving in to his anger attempted to strike Viggo down, I stopped him. I’m not sure if Wryme was going to attack me next or not, but I must try to help him to save him from his fear his anger his hatred for that leads to the dark side.

Chapter 2 - Big Trouble on Little Coruscant

Having gained possession of Chimera II, the crew decides the best idea is to move the ship to a more secure area post-haste so Abi can have an opportunity to change its transponder codes. Niko’s been keeping an eye on them, however, and has even managed to round up a few battle droids to chase the freighter and regain control of Chimera II before it has a chance to disappear among the wastes of the refugee sector. As the Rodian and the droids close in on their airspeeders, Wryme and Forad opt for the direct approach, shocking the others at the gun turrets as they each leap in midair to take on their attackers. The Miraluka ultimately shows up his fellow Jedi, forcing the Rodian’s withdrawal without striking a single blow, while Wryme loses focus, barely saving himself from a deadly fall.

The crew make tracks to Viggo’s “penthouse suite” of a landing pad, offering the Chimera II up as a tribute and to seemingly turn Wryme in for the credits, though it’s all just a ploy to get inside, spring Tara, and a make a quick break for it. The resulting firefight is chaotic and the six heroes barely escape with their skins. Amidst the blaster fire, Siri has a chance to waste the Kel Dor that tracked her down, but steadies her hand, the same way Forad steadies Wryme’s hand from cutting Viggo’s throat, advocating withdrawal over carnage.

Now Viggo is furious, not as much for being tricked as much as being tricked by Jedi. Hutts never fall for mind tricks. Word of this embarassment will spread quick through the Smuggler’s Moon, and Viggo will be forced to respond, lest he lose his influence and employees to the Exchange. And while the Chimera II and her crew have now left Nar Shaddaa in their hyperspace trail, the Moon and Hutt Space may just be getting started with them…

New gun

So I have apparently been made pilot of our newly “acquired” ship Obsidian Osprey. Found a new gun in one of the supply crates. A pristine condition blaster carbine with autofire capabilities. Very nice.
Current opinion of new crew mates: Abi does magic with a toolkit, quick tempered but likable nonetheless.
Wryme is a sketchy individual. Claiming title of Jedi, yet playing with the rules of light and dark like they’re flexible to his will. Definitely don’t want to be found on the far end of that saber.
Siri seems to have her own agenda, despite a common goal. Makes her a difficult partner, but she gets the job done either way.
Finally, Forad, AKA Beacon of all that is righteous…. He makes me feel awkward, like whenever I walk into a church. Something about my job as a bounty hunter conflicting with the guilt that he makes EVERYONE FEEL ABOUT EVERYTHING. He’s just got a “Holier than thou” mentality that drives me crazy. Oh well. He’s effective in and out of battle so as far as that goes I have no complaints.
Not sure what our next step is. I’m just pulling creds and trying to get on as best I can. Maybe I can find some armor sooner or later.
Transmission End.

Thaal and Niko

So Viggo’s got me flying around with Thaal Roan of all people, looking for that Zabrak girl and her crew so he can save his own face. I don’t see what the big deal is, really—Viggo loses ships all the time. It’s not worth the price he put on that girl’s spiny head, if you ask me. And it’s certainly not worth sending me out alongside this snout-clog of a partner.

I mean, seriously—we’re thirteen hours out of Hutt space already, and I swear I’ve never been so bored. I’ve been on long space trips before—that flight from Rodia to Taris, for example. Now that was a stretch. But at least there were some interesting characters on that transport, some even willing to lose a few pazaak hands to me, or share a couple of good hunting stories…but this guy? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. So I couldn’t take it anymore. Just a bit ago I gave it my best to get Thaal to open up. It went something like this:

“Hey, Thaal, since we’re headed to Ryloth anyway, we should take in some of the local entertainment. I know this place by the Floating Rock Gardens, lovely dancers…those Twi’leks really know how to move…don’t they?”


“Yeah, they could show the Rodian girls a few thing or two. I don’t know, I’ve never looked outside my own species myself, eyes are too small for my liking. But Rodian girls can be really pushy sometimes. Ever know a woman like that, Thaal?”


“Kinda like this Iridonian we’re looking for. I know she’s our bounty and all, but you know what, she’s kinda cute as long as you don’t look at her face. We know where they’re going, and since we had that droid bumble up the ship’s systems, we also know they won’t be going anywhere for a while…so I figured we might have time to kill…you know, maybe take in a swoop race, some juma juice, throw a couple credits at some slave girls, you know…maybe enjoy ourselves a little?”


“Oh come on, Thaal, would it kill you to say something?”

Thaal: “No. Now shut up and fly.”

See what I have to work with, here? Can’t wait until this job is over.

Doesn't Make Sense
Wryme Mosde

We encountered her. Tiana is calling herself “Darth Secla” now. I guess she must have found more Sith artifacts, or she’s gone completely insane. We swore we’d never let Sith knowledge consume our identities. We were supposed to learn everything about the Force, not just the lies of the Jedi, Sith, and Seyugi. She was helping drug peddlers, too. What happened to the beautiful woman I used to look up to? How could she simply lose her lust for knowledge? I have to find out. I have to keep hunting her.

Chapter 3 - Blood is Thicker than Spice

The crew of the Osprey have touched down on Ryloth, in Abi Gatto’s hometown of L’Braal. It’s not much of a city, maybe 50,000, but remote enough to vanish from the Exchange for a while. Figuring the best to place to hide is right under the enemy’s nose, Abi reluctantly gives into the situation and contacts her uncle for permission to land.

Immediately upon entering orbit, the Osprey receives a hail from Abi’s ditzy cousin, Yunta. Her excitement at seeing Abi again is palpable, as is her disdain with the situation at home. Apparently, she’s engaged to be married to a Devaronian, a particularly dangerous Devaronian named Wojo. Abi doesn’t like the smell of this for one moment, and insists on making investigating her cousin’s fiancee her first priority. Right after she fixes everything on the Osprey as well as every single malfunctioning thing in her uncle’s home, of course.

While Abi’s busy with both her family and everything around her with circuits falling apart, the others head into town to see what they can learn about Le’Braal and Wojo, as well as ponder their next move. It’s quickly noticeable that not a single female Twi’lek walks the streets alone during the day. News of disappearances are rampant, and Mayor Jerool has ordered a quarantine ordering any women and girls to remain inside at night and never leave home alone. Some believe there’s slavers to blame for this.

Siri, Wryme, and Kindo prefer to mingle around with the traders and star-pilots, and after enough discreet questioning of the locals, learn that Le’Braal is a city deep in the pockets of the Exchange. Rumor has it a new source of Ryll spice was in Nightland outskirts east of town, and the Exchange has been trying to force the villagers off the land for months.

Forad senses another Jedi in the city and seeks him out for answers. He finds a remote Jedi temple on the edge of the eastern side of town, left in near-ruin. In its garden is a lone Twi’lek, long both in years and lekku, deep in meditation. He introduces himself as Deel, without rising, and then tells of a vision where he saw himself training a Padawan again, something he had sworn never to do. He also warns Forad of an impending shadow in the Nightlands just beyond the city that may answer more of his questions. After a brief meditation, Forad senses it too and immediately runs off alone to find the source.

Meanwhile, Wryme’s mind still wraught by visions of his former partner Tiana, and he feels her presence ever closer. Altogether bored with questioning the locals, the adept does what best distracts him from his fury and confusion: he goes looking for a fight. Wojo now owns and operates Le’Braal’s largest cantina, and with the help of a little lobbying, has managed to gain permission to host duels in an abandoned hangar across town. Wryme registers for an exhibition match, and the name Thaal Roan immediately appears as his opponent. The bounty hunters have found them.

Forad’s journey into frigid crystalline the Nightlands is treacherous. The Padawan narrowly avoids becoming lunch for gutkurrs before seeking refuge in a cavern that goes far deeper than he expected. He follows a tunnel, keeping the dark aura within his Force Sight until the tunnel suddenly shifts from natural to manufactured, giving view to an enormous circular chamber containing a series of chemical processing vats, overseen by a number of service and security droids. It’s a spice plant. Just a few steps further in and the Jedi is greeted head on by a pair of rolling assault droids. He quickly deflects their blasts away, cuts through the blast doors and surges off to inform the others.

Wryme knows immediately what Forad has seen and after asking only “Where?” takes off at full, kilt, the bright yellow glow of his saber blade the only trail behind him. The others make haste to keep up with him.

After dispatching a few gutkurrs, the crew follows Wryme and Forad into to the caves leading to the spice factory, which upon further exploration, also seems to serve as a transport facility for slaves as well as contraband. Abi attempts to remotely gain access to the guard turrets, ordering them to fire upon the spice vats, and within seconds, pandemonium ensues. Siri and Abi run off to free the slaves, while Kindo and the Jedi keep the droids busy. This is when Tiana, now Darth Secla, descends from the command center, finally revealing herself as the driving force behind Le’Braal’s corruption, and the face in Wryme’s persistent visions. Her attempts to sway Wryme to her side again this time fail, however, and a vicious duel erupts between her, Wryme, and Forad. True to his own fashion, Kindo swoops in with his rocket pack and with a quick blast of carbonite, brings the duel to an abrupt halt. Wryme raises his saber to cut his former partner’s frozen husk into shards, only to watch her crumble to dust before his eyes, and flow away with the rest of the spice, leaving only her own saber behind.

After this incident, many days of aftermath follow. Wojo’s connection to Darth Secla and the spice trade is exposed, and he quickly skips town, leaving no discernable trail behind. Yunta’s wedding is off, and Valsir Gatto is named new mayor of Le’Braal. During his inauguration ceremony, however, the Exchange decides to strike back. A thermal detonator blows up center stage around Valsir, with a heavy droid strike force hot on its heels, blasting everyone in sight and laying seige to the Gatto estate. During the melee, Thaal and Niko seize their chance to capture the crew, but fail, the Rodian taken prisoner by Forad and the Kel Dor beheaded by Wryme.

Valsir Gatto and the stationed Republic officers have their hands full rebuilding Le’Braal, and what has happened in this small town on Twilek Prime will not go forgotten any more than it will remain secret.

Abi has found a new sense of purpose from this experience, learning that no matter how much she travels, there is only one home, and no home is safe from war, no matter where it rages in the galaxy.

Siri's Thoughts

“It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the galaxy together.” The Force. I don’t really understand it, and I never gave much thought to it until now. But when all is quiet, and I take the time to concentrate, I can feel it. The Jedi lifestyle really isn’t for me, but after spending some time at the Jedi temple on Ryloth, I feel I should be careful how I use my gift. I can see the danger in abusing this power. I see what Pafor and Mosade can do. You could hurt or help a whole lot of people with power like that. . . . .

On a more relevant note, we’re now on our way to Iridonia. I’ve never been there, just heard stories about where my people come from. I’ve often thought about going there. Now that I got the chance, I’m not sure what to expect. I admit I’m excited about visiting the planet, although apprehensive. It would be nice to be around other Zabrak, but I imagine that the Iridonian Zabraks are different than the few that live on Nar Shaddaa. Well, I hope all goes according to plan, but at the same time I’m pretty sure we’ll run into trouble because we always do. In this line of work, it’s not surprising. You just have to be ready for anything.


Pretty much my life currently.
I would never have expected to be in the company of such a crew as this. Wryme seems the only one with a battle lust like mine; Everyone else seems to seek other avenues of passage, however I feel Wryme takes it too far. So I’m weighed with one extreme to the other.
Since becoming a bounty hunter I have honored the code, but my Mandalorian blood still flows strong in my veins. I still wish to go forth with my brothers and take what we deserve. For being strong, and true, and… I’m at war with myself sometimes. I don’t think I can ever reach peace like that Jedi Forad.
Jedi… Such a deep term. There is much knowledge there, this much I know. And even with all that I don’t, our goals somehow always revolve around it. It almost seems all of life revolves around it at this point. “The Force,” they call it. It’s creepy.
With all of my training and practice, I try to develop a tactic to apply to all situations. But I always have to change, become better, stronger, more hardened to the facts of this life. These are dark days indeed. Many battles to be fought and won…
Much glory to be had and shared.

As it is, Abi and I have something. Not sure what. I haven’t had a relationship in…. A very long time. Not sure If I can manage it.
We just landed on the Zabrak homeworld. Totally desolate, covered in roaming bands of thieves just trying to live. We have been sent with supplies to take care of a General we now know to be dead, so we have a decision to make. Possibly the hardest so far. I feel we should meet with all the other clans in order to see who’s in the most need… One of them is a clan of Mandalorians… I hate charity work because of shit like this.

On a brighter note, my armory has since been increasing in size. I now own an Arcadian heavy pistol. And I’ve finally found something I had since lost. Armor. It is not mine, nor is it the best. But it does its work well and it was won in battle, as it should be. I still seek my true armor, but that seems like it will take some time. And I shall wait.

End Transmission.


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