The Mandalorian Wars have come to a swift yet bloody conclusion, and an uneasy peace has come to settle over the galaxy. The returning soldiers and Jedi are hailed as saviors of the Republic, while what remains of the Mandalorian resistance seems to have all but vanished. The reverie and joy seems somewhat hollow, however, as the greatest heroes of the war, Jedi Knights Revan and Malak, seem to have disappeared into the furthest regions of space, with a massive number of followers.

Nowhere in the galaxy is the ugly aftermath of war more blatant than it is on Nar Shaddaa. Refugees flood the Smuggler’s Moon by the thousands, most of whom are taken as slaves by either the Hutts or the Exchange. The rivalry between these two groups for control of Nar Shaddaa is vicious, and while there is much bloodshed, there is also profit, and strangely enough, solace to be found in the shadows of this vertical of perpetual night.

Meanwhile, the Jedi Council, ever adamantly opposed to Revan’s defiant choice of action, have dispatched several Knights across the galaxy in search for any clues surrounding Revan’s motives and destination. The Council’s resources are stretched thinner than ever, for while they conduct this investigation, many Knights have abandoned the Order, seeking refuge from the confusion and chaos brought about by the schism between those who followed Revan and stayed behind.

One Jedi seeking answers is Forad Pafor, a young Padawan awaiting the return of his master, the Cathar Raka Mond. Another is Wryme Mosde, who followed Revan to battle but has since turned his back on the Order after a painful experience on the battlefield. Both are mysteriously drawn to the Smuggler’s Moon, bonded together by a destiny that may forge the landscape of things to come….

Knights of the Old Republic: Turncoat's Shadow

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