Abi Gatto

Female Twi'Lek Tech Specialist


Female Twi’Lek Tech Specialist (Scoundrel 3 / Soldier 1)

STR 10 DEX 15 CON 13 INT 17 WIS 9 CHA 14

HP 36
Damage Threshold 17

FORT 17 REF 18 WILL 13

Trained Skills:
Knowledge – Technology, Knowledge – Physical Science, Mechanics, Persuasion, Pilot, Stealth, Use Computer

Point Blank Shot, Weapon Proficiency(Pistols, Simple Weapons, Rifles), Armor Proficiency(Light), Tech Specialist, Skill Focus: Mechanics

Personalized Modifications (+1 Atk, +2 Dmg / Encounter), Hotwire (Hack using Mechanics), Armored Defense

Cybernetic Arm (no upgrades…yet), Utility Belt, Padded Flightsuit, Modified Heavy Blaster Pistol(+1 Attack, Selective Fire)

Attack: Mod. Hvy. Blaster Pistol: +6 hit, 3d6 energy damage.


Abi Gatto grew up on Ryloth. She served in the war for the Republic, losing her arm in the process. After the war, she found work on the Smuggler’s Moon fixing speeders and swoop bikes for the locals, as well as whatever repairs she could manage to make for passing travelers’ ships. Out of necessity for help with repairs (and possibly boredom), Abi built herself a droid companion, MD-20. During her tenure on Nar-Shadda Abi has had her share of run-ins with both the Exchange and the Hutts, so her main goal is to “get the heck off this rock”.


Abi Gatto

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